Open223 is a collection of permissively-licensed open-source tools to facilitate exploration and usage of the emerging ASHRAE 223P standard. These tools are neither developed nor endorsed by ASHRAE -- instead, they are maintained by a small community of enthusiasts and developers who believe in making RDF data easier to use.

The following services are available through the Open223 effort. All code for these can be found on GitHub. Please note that these services are updated semi-periodically and may not reflect the latest version of the (proposed) standard. The last time the * pages were updated is 2024-07-19.

A copy of the 223P ontology for the advisory public review can be found at

223P has been released for advisory public review on the ASHRAE site. Please leave your comments by May 6th 2024!

This page hosts the user guide and documentation for the 223P ontology.

This page hosts autogenerated documentation of the 223P ontology, emphasizing the availability and correct use of concepts and properties defined by the ontology.

This page provides client-side SPARQL query processing using Oxigraph. It contains several example 223 models and several example queries.

This site contains the canonical sources for example buildings and systems modeled with the 223P ontology

This page provides a set of concise bounded descriptions (CBDs) of 223 concepts, rules, shapes, and entities with permalinks referenced by the 223 standard document.